For Penguins About to Rock…We Salute You!



Merry Christmas Jacob

JacobCardA few days ago a fan of Penguin told us about 9 year old Jacob Thompson. He is a cancer patient who is looking at the last month or so of his life. He wanted people to send Christmas cards so that he could celebrate Christmas early. He loves Penguins so we’re sending him this, along with a few of Penguins adventures. If you want to send Jacob a card, here’s the address:
Jacob Thompson
C/O Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall St
Portland, ME 04102

Penguin Origins

This morning we though we’d give you a little peak into Penguin’s origins, his life before becoming a comic strip star. Penguin began his life as a corporate team building guru. Denise was a member of a team at work and the team name was ICE. Denise went out and bought stuffed penguins for every member of the team that they kept on top of their cubicles. She also made each Penguin a little scarf with the name ICE on it. However, the stresses of corporate life eventually caused Penguin to seek out a more fulfilling life and he now explores the wonders of the world with his friend Monkey.